Freak-uently Asked Questions:
Okay... I apologize for that...
Believe it or not, I get e-mails from folks that have questions regarding the comics. These are the questions that pop up the
most among them. If you have questions, you can send 'em to
1. Why don't you update as often? / Are you quitting?
Answer: It all has to do with my life situation. In 2003, when the comic started, I updated on a semi-weekly schedule
because I had the time and energy to work on the comics. Between work, a strenuous school schedule, and parenting, I've had
less and less time or ability to keep a decent comic schedule. Art is not my job. I don't get paid for it. Maybe some day I'll get back
into the swing of things. Rest assured, I have no intention of abandoning these characters or their comics.

2. Why do your characters look like Sonic characters?
        Answer: I hear this often enough. I'm am not a professional artist. I've never taken art classes in my life, and yes, I know it
shows. Yes, some of my characters look Sonic-ish, because Sonic was my childhood hero, and I learned to draw Sonic characters
with some decency while the rest of my art remained... under-developed. Many artists have their own unique style. Mine is applied
to my fantasy creatures, especially my
gryphons. When it comes to a comic, I need characters that I can draw somewhat quickly.
If I drew my comics like I draw my gryphons, I would update maybe once every six months. (Psh. I can tell I wrote this when I
updated more than once a year. -t.) The Sonic style fits my characters, and I'm acquainted well enough with the designs to actually
be able to make the comic in the first place.

3. Do You Draw Any "Yiff"?
          Answer: No. I could come up with a myriad of excuses why not, but my primary one is this: I just don't want to. It's not
something I've ever been interested in doing. Another good reason is that my ability to draw is already shaky. I don't need the
added challenge of trying to draw furry porn that looks at least somewhat decent. And, of course, usually when I draw something,
including my comics, I want to be able to show it to family and friends. Listen, I don't get a rise from furry porn. Whether you do
or not is your own business, and there are plenty of other sites that can help you out.

4. I don't get the humor in your comics...
Okay, so that's not really a question, but it does come up here and there. Answer: I've been told that I have a dry sense of
humor, and that works for me. I suppose it's my hope that the characters and their lives grow on you.

5. Some comics on the web are starting to make people pay to read them. Are you going to do
that as well?
Answer: Nope. I've had offers to add my comic to a few pay sites. But I don't see my art as ever in the "it's good enough
to pay for" category. I don't even turn a profit on my CafePress site, and I only have that going so friends and family can have
mugs and shirts with my critters on them.

6. Do you do art on request?
            Answer: You are welcome to send a request my way, and I might try to make something of it. I can't draw humans to
save my skin, and I absolutely will not draw yiff/porn. Most of the requests I take are for fantasy creatures like gryphons or

7. What media do you use to make and color your comics and other art?
            Answer: Nothing special. Most of my finished art is on cardstock. I love Prismacolor markers, but their price is
prohibitive. Honestly? Just a mechanical pencil, a ball-point pen, 005 and 08 microns, a ruler, and some colored pencils have me set.

8. Can I use your artwork for my website/forum/project?
           Answer: Please just tell me in advance, and give me credit. Put (c) T.A. Roe or Mason T.A. Roe on there.