A small homage to my favorite song.

I've been trying to think of a quick way to describe why I am so obsessed with this song, but my explanations end up long and would probably
bore you to tears. Simply put, "Vega", by Paul Van Dyk, gave me memory shock the first time I heard it, when I was half asleep- I started
recalling these weird, very early childhood memories that I thought I had completely forgotten. One was particularly vivid, reagrding a car ride I
took as a toddler through the mountains on a winter night. The outdoor lights from the houses on the mountain had this bluish tint, surrounded by
frosty halos as the snow came down around them. It looked like there were giant, bright stars on the mountain.

Every time I hear that song, I get chills and immediately think about those memories with vivid detail. It has since been my favorite song (about
five years now), and I never get tired of hearing it. Everyone has *their* song. "Vega" is easily mine.

I'd highly suggest listening to the song at least once. I know it won't have the same effect on others, but just humor me and listen to it some time.
It's the first track on the "Out There and Back" album. Make sure you listen to the original- there are a few remixes out there, but they sound
nothing like the original.

Art-wise, it probably isn't apparent, but I spent a crap-load of time on this one. The feather detail took the longest (when you have to color them
pixel by pixel, that sort of makes sense). This one also made my poor computer crash a few times. I have discovered the hard way that my
computer's memory doesn't work well with art that uses more than three layers. Anyways... yeah... it took me a while. I love the final image, but
that's my own skewed opinion. Hope it looks good to everyone else, too.