Portrait of Zacal
Zacal, from the Moon & Pearl Saga (Read about it in the Writer's Library).

Zacal is a rare creature in the sense that he was once a demon, but turned his back on his heritage and
swore to serve the Courts of Divinity instead. (Alternately, his brother, Yxlan, is one of the most feared
demons of Mahar.)
   Trusting him to live up to his word, the Diamond Court placed Zacal at the forefront of the Silver
Court, the dominion of the Greater Beasts, and was charged with protecting these creatures. In
mythology he was known as the Prince of Shape-Shifters, patron of the wilderness, and rarely made
himself seen by mankind.
   Perhaps his demon heritage caught up with him at last, or maybe he was justified in his actions. The
humans grew to compete with the greater beasts over land and food, and eventually started trying to lkill
the creatures off altogether. Zacal, in a fit of madness, decided that humans were a plague upon the land
and led his remaining beasts into a bloody war with humans and their villages. Though the Diamond
Court agreed that the humans' attack of the Greater Beasts was a crime, the believed that Zacal had
taken his revenge a little too far, and eventually the Diamond Court stepped in to protect the humans
from further harm. The Silver Court, enraged and feeling betrayed, turned on their Diamond Court
benefactors, and a nasty war between gods ensued. Before the war was ended, all but a couple of
Greater Beasts were slain, and Zacal disappeared, consumed by grief and anger. Some claim he went
back to Mahar to return to life as a demon, but most folks claim he simply withered away and died.
    The truth, however, is that Zacal has survived through the ages since his war ended, and has lived in
exile undetected, skulking about in the guise of one of the lesser beasts, fading from memory. The
passing centuries have given him plenty of time to make his new move in the continuing war between
the gods.

This picture shows Zacal and his true colors- how he appears when he is not shape-shifted. He is not a
pleasant (nor sane) creature to be around.