Tallon Gryph- Weird Little Pet
  I was told that my gryphon avatar drawings didn't accurately represent who and what I was. I was told that the avatar I was
using loften looked too lean, too wild, and too happy. It was mentioned that I'm seen more like a stocky, small, disgruntled fuzzy
little pet. The kind that would sit on a wizard's cluttered desk and serve as the voice of pessimism. The kind that lays on a sunny
porch and barks at passerby. So I modified my avatar as such, and evidently, this is gads more accurate.

I like the ridge down his back- my dogs get the same thing when they're pissed off at something. Consider them my reference.

As for the bandages on the arm, that's a personal detail. If you know me, you know why.
Thus, my new Guild Avatar looks like this.