In this experiment, I decided to try something that I realize many really good artists have figured out long ago and
have grown very accustomed to. I, on the other hand, have grown accustomed to blocky black outlines on all of my
images. Well, here I try to eliminate most of the outlines. I like the image, I think it's great. But it was also a major pain
in the ass. Neither of my computers, good sports as they are, appreciate having to deal with over 8 active raster layers
in the art program. I am positive that I'm complicating the process, as I usually do. But as I like the image, you can
expect for more of my upcoming fantasy art to be colored in this way.
Here's a version without the jpg noise.
  The Tallon-gryph, also known as Comet Hunter, is a native of the Celestial Sphere in the Chronicles of Seryn. I'm not
sure what's he's got in mind here, but it's possible that the ice moon is about to become target practice.