Belfry Comics Directory- Huge listing of online comics. Look for Freak-Lynx on there.

Bioware- Video game company and makers of Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and many more. I frequent the forums there under
the name TallonRoe.

BT- Perhaps my favorite musician on the planet. Keep up here.

Blue Man Group- One of my favorite bands with very original music and art.

Clive Barker- Home page of one of my favorite general fiction authors and artists. In the meantime, I demand more Abarat!

Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center- From my home state. Donate. Love our wolves!

Cracked- A worthwhile, humorous diversion.

Deep Forest- A pair of musicians from France that create a very unique sound. Very cool music! This is a very in-depth fan
site for the group.

The Elder Scrolls- In case you ever, ever need something to devour your every free hour.

Gryph Board- A forum for gryphon fans and artists. Always accepting newbies. Drop in for a pie fight sometime.

Gryphon Guild- The official Guild site, run by Tser.

Michael Parkes- One of my favorite artists out there.

MJ Bedi- Awesome artist, good friend, and frequent contributor to Freak-Lynx.

New York Wolf Conservation Center- Incredible photos and stories and videos. Adopt a wolf. Love our wolves.

The Onion- The most important newspaper in print.

Online-Comics- Another large directory of web comics to cruise through.

Orbital- Back in business! Give a listen.

Ozfoxes- Home of the semi-weekly comic Faux Pas and R&M Creative Endeavors. Take a look at it. I really like the art style.

Paul Van Dyk- Excellent musician.

Perry Bible Fellowship- An entertaining comic featuring a great many art styles.

Polyrhythmics- Seattle-based funk-jazz band who I think people should hear.

Seal- One of my favorite singers. Incredibly inspiring music.

Sabrina Online- Monthly comic by Eric Schwartz. Worth a look. It's my understanding that after a long run, he's finished the

Sexy Losers- Beware, this web comic is incredibly vulgar and totally not intended for young viewers. If you have a sick sense
of humor, you will laugh your ass off. The artist claims he has stopped updating, and yet, every once in a while... something
new will show up.

Way Out West- And another favored band, also in the techno/trance genre.

Wolf Haven International- Washington's wolf sanctuary. Come and visit. Adopt a lovely wolf. Donate. Love our wolves.
If you're looking to kill some time and find some great artists and musicians or interesting web comics, these links will give
you somewhere to start. These are musicians and artists that I admire greatly, or comic and message boards that amuse me.
Anyway- explore!