Janak-- The Spirit River
  In the Chronicles of Seryn, the deity Janak is known as the Spirit River, the entity that channels the greater spiritual energy of
Tihya throughout the realms of the Outer Shadow and even the material sphere of Seryn. It is this energy that the high mages,
spirits, and demons of Seryn learn to bend. Janak's form is that of the colorful Aurora, seen in the night sky only as one
approaches the icy south pole. In Seryn mythology, he is depicted as a brighty-colored feathered serpent, hence the image
above. Janak is the divine patron of famed Euiala wizard Mar Nokoma.

   I had drawn and inked this a while back, but dreaded trying to color it. However, I managed to get my ass in gear on it by
the time the Christmas card exchange came around. So people that asked for cards received a photo print of the above.
Coloring took long. Also, I hate jpg format. My builder here won't let me just post a png of the image, but I can sure as hell link
to the png image.
You can see it here, sans the jpg noise.