This is my humble home on the Internet, where I stash away my art, writing, and photos, and it is even home to a sporadic comic
that I do when I am seriously bored. Mostly, though, it is a means to show my artwork to curious folks, as well as post some small
glimpses into projects I am working on. This site also features contributions from a few friends as well, including Maxx (the Raven),
Michael Bedi, Silver Stormbringer, and Yu Stennes.
T.A. "TALLON" ROE-- Artist, Writer, Loafer
Presently, I am 35 years old and I live on the edge of Port Orchard, Washington. I originally hail from Littleton, Colorado, but decided
on a change in scenery. I attended Metropolitan State University of Denver, double-majoring in Environmental Science and Biology. I
am currently back in school for video game art and design. In my spare time, I draw, write novels and the occasional article, play the
saxophone (mostly swing jazz and blues), and brew beer with my family. I often get together with friends for board games and
tabletop role-playing. I enjoy video games, especially the Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age series of games. I live in
a somewhat large household that includes my spouse, my son, my in-laws, a Malamute named Sitka, a mutt named Jake, and
somebody named Mr. Blue. I collect ferns, moths from around the world, home-made Winogradsky columns, foreign currency, and I
hoard notebooks and pens. I'm not a gifted conversationalist. A conversion with me will likely become a lengthy one-sided discussion
about aquarium fish or tea or beer. I post extra art and writing on a Tumblr blog called
These Are My Illusions.

Hey- I really appreciate comments and feedback on my artwork and my comics. Let me know what you think. I'm not online nearly
as often these days, but it's always nice to meet new people.
E-mail-, Twitter- @AngrySlinky, DeviantArt- TallonRoe, XBox Live- TallonRoe