Thursday April 12th, 2007
   After four months of no updates, I'm pretty sure I've irked some folks. So, here are my
apologies: Sorry... I've been moving. Now that I'm settled into a new state in a new house,
I've just now been able to connect to the Internet. You see, me living in a back road
neighborhood, UPS didn't believe that my address even existed, and so didn't send me my
modem for over a month. We finally had it shipped to my in-laws' house, and got it from
them. But dammit, if Pizza Hut and the mail man can find my house, why can't UPS?!
    Anyway, I have some inked comics ready to be scanned, but I need to find all the
parts to my scanner in the next few days (scattered around boxes around the house). I've
been slow to upack. Very, very slow. I also promised some illustration from my book
project, and I have those as well, many already on my computer but not in the correct
  Anyway, I've been enjoying myself here in Washington, but I have to confess: the drivers out here are worse than they were in
Denver. Denver drivers would at least give you a courteous wave while they try to kill you. These people, however, are just all
about the killing. I'm convinced. Seriously.
   So, already I've got a weekend D&D group. Oh, right... call me a nerd, but at least it's social contact, right? My spouse and I are
interested in starting a book club soon, and we've been taking trips to the ocean and Seattle and I've been getting to know the lay of
the land bit by bit. I was in Renton last weekend surrounded by extended in-laws, and while I was content, I have been long under
the impression that I don't sit quite right with them. I don't know why. Call it paranoia. Only my brother-in-law would share a bottle
of wine with me on Easter.
   On my free time I've been collecting and painting sand dollars, some of which have turned out quite nicely. Craft-wise, I'm just
now getting back into working with my hands. The rest of my time has been spent in front of my computer, my microscope, or,
yes... even the XBox 360 (Oblivion is a fun kind of addiction). My spouse, who grew up in the area, has been good about showing
me all of the nearby state parks. The city is overgrown with giant trees, and everything is always green. I even love the rain and the
grey sky. It's wonderful here. Perhaps I can somehow convince my father and mother to move here when they retire. I think my
dad would get a kick out of the fishing, and my mom, I think, would still like being near the mountains. Me? I've been getting quite
intimate with the local wines and beers. Perhaps too much. (Not like my work requires me to be completely sober.) But... hell, how
else does one pass so much time in a college town? Especially with no car? (My spouse takes our one car to work every day, so I
kinda get stuck without one. But, as mentioned above, the drivers here give me reason to be thankful to be off the road).
     Anyways, check soon for more updates. They'll be here. Honest.