Sunday, November 19th, 2006
     So where has Tallon been lately? Where are the comics?! Why no
posts on the Guild or other boards?
     Yeah, sure... I seriously doubt that people wonder why I lapse into
inactivity. Regardless, I offer an explanation, as well as some news
regarding this site, what I'm doing, and what you can expect from me
in the coming months.

     Yes, I know, it's a damn miracle that I'm even doing editorials.

     First off, this is a difficult semester, for a number of reasons that I
won't bore you with. Other students have gone through similiar
slumps. Classes are starting to become difficult and extremely
demanding of my time and energy. And, for reasons unclear, one of
my professors does not speak English very well. I don't fault her... she
knows the subject and is qualified to teach it... in India.
    The big reason as to my absence is simply the chaotic state of
moving and getting my house in decent order. On this note, I owe a
giant thanks to my mother-in-law, Denise, who stayed here for a
month and worked her butt off in helping us make the house look like,
well... a house.
  Seriously, I think Denise did more to the house than I could have done in six months (lazy lazy!). So, thanks Mom!!! We luff you!!
   Moving and getting the house ready for sale means having minimal clutter, so... my desktop PC, my printer, and my scanner are
all packed away snugly in my garage. So, no scanner at home means few opportunities to put in new comics. One or two may
appear before the end of the year, but I would advise you to not hold your breath. I have one that I've had to color with prismas,
which is taking me forever. If I find access to a scanner, I'll have that on soon enough. I know I picked a poor time in the story to
be lax on the project. Sorry.
    And now, for what I've been working on:
    The image above, as well as others that I'll be posting, is a part of a recent project of mine. I'm writing a science book using
illustrations of the Freak-Lynx characters. It's more like a survey of science today and the doomed modern scientist, rather than an
overview or introduction to the sciences. It's an honest account, but humorous. It's been in progress for about six months, with
much of the writing completed. I've been trying to catch up with the illustrations (I hate inking!) and I've been trying to find some
acquaintances to read through it while several professors at my school and some of my buddies in science professions are helping
me with fact-checking and contributing their own outlooks and stories. It includes several scans of my own lecture notes,
accompanied by the inevitable sketches that result from being taught by a teacher that makes no sense. Of all of my writing projects,
this one has the most involvement from peers and mentors. At school, I've been putting tidbits of the writing, including illustrations,
in some of my PowerPoint projects and handouts for classes, and I've received numerous compliments about them. If it does not get
published at all, I will still put everything here on the Freak-Lynx site. I'll be posting some small parts of it here over the next month,
anyway, just to give you an idea of what it entails.
   No, am not doing NaNoWriMo this year. November, I say, is a terrible time of year to write an entire novel... for me, anyway.
With school kicking into high gear and our finals and big end-of-semester projects looming closer, plus the busy holidays on
approach and the typical illnesses that surface in November, I generally have to put my writing in the limited "free-time" slot. This
year, I'm frustrated because I have a story that I've been writing, and I want nothing more than free time to complete it (this would
be a fiction novel, and not the non-fiction project mentioned above). In fact, during my classes, my brain is clouded with ideas when
I should be paying attention to the teachers. So, I'm full of writing energy and ideas. Damn the time restraints! This would be my
good year for NaNo if I was not trying to move out of state. It's always somethin'!
   (Note: Seryn, the world in which the above novel takes place, is a huge, well-developed project that's been going for years now,
and it includes what was formerly called The Lost Tales of Orion in its pre-history. There have been great changes to it, of course,
but, the core of it remains the same. You can see a few Seryn-related art pieces in my gallery, including a simple picture of The
Azaith, and art of Zacal and Ishmat and a silly picture of Ilias River-Runner. I have a great, uncolored picture of Mar Nokoma
summoning a fire spirit, but alas, no scanner! Also, in a previous editorial, I showed some pictures of some of my hand-made crafts,
some of which are replicas from artifacts that I've written about in Seryn. When I had manuscript tidbits in my library, you would
have noticed that my novels
Shadow Stalkers, Auricwarden, The Heart of the Sky, The Black Comet, and Aria are all based in Seryn.
So, Seryn has turned up here and there on my site. You'll see more as time goes by, but I do not expect you to be impressed, yet.
Many fantasy authors around the Internet boast worlds of their creation, and I'm no different. But Seryn has taken
a lot of work and
art and puzzling out, as well as collaborating with Sean Roe on many of the world's key events and heroes. I'll post some
Seryn-related content here on the site, when I get a chance, and then you'll get a chance to see what I'm filling my time with... when
I'm not at school.)
   As a closing note, I recently had the chance to pick up a copy of BT's
This Binary Universe. I don't think BT is capable of
disappointing me. Seriously. It was released late August, I know, but my broke ass can rarely afford CDs nowadays. But now that I
have it, I have a chance to plug it, and I recommend it to anyone, normally because BT generally doesn't fit into any one genre.
Seriously, listen and see for yourself...  
You can catch a trailer of it here. Also, take a look at what went into this album.
More art and writing to come. I have a week off, so expect something new on the site.

- T.A. "Tallon" Roe