Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006
  Last editorial, I mentioned my craving for Fuji apples. I am presently
restricted from eating as many as I would like, do to health issues
involving, you guessed it, eating too many apples and
nothing else.
   Since my last editorial, a lot has happened, so let me explain my lack of
artwork and presence on the web.
  First of all, family came into town in June, which was great. It provided me with time to get back into touch with my
long-distance older sibling and her family. I also made my way up to Washington state for a little while, bypassing my
much-anticipated trip to Yellowstone. I'm not complaining. In fact, the vacation was the best therapy I've had in a long time.
The change in scenery was so nice, in fact, that I'll be moving there this coming January, and I'll be finishing my schooling
up there. Washington State is a scientist's haven. I should have been there long ago. However, I will miss Wing Hut and
Chipotle, and I do feel guilty about leaving my folks. I am, however, dragging my best friend along with me. As of now, he's
very interested in moving with us. Hope it stays that way.
   Also, my time has been largely eaten away by video games on the X-Box. I don't think I'll ever tire of Need For Speed
Underground 2 or the X-Men legends games. Before you think I've been melting my brain away, I *have* been countering
the video games with lots and lots of reading. And writing. I've been doing loads of writing, and I've been developing a
graphic novel project.
   I *do* have new art, most of which relates to Freak-Lynx, though none of it is scanned in yet. Surprised? I'm not. My
desktop PC has been on the fritz, so I've been avoiding it. Instead, I've been coloring my art with makers. I've gotten back
into the stride of using Prismas, decently. I also have three new comics that have not yet been scanned in. Expect those
soon. I can't give an exact date, because it depends very heavily on how much homework I have.
  I've also been distracted my two new additions to my big, happy family: Two new cats. One was adopted from the Aurora
Animal Shelter. He's around 8 years old, gigantic, grey, and aloof, and I've named him Kurt Wagner. If you know who Kurt
Wagner is, you are just as much a nerd as I am. The other cat was given to me by a friend of the family. He's a
siamese/ragdoll hybrid kitten that I've named Jack. Both are total hams.
  I started school again this last Monday, but fear not! I have ample time between classes to draw and update this site.
  Also, I would like to offer congrats to Janet and Otis Moore for their recent marriage. I just hope my family didn't totally
scare Otis' family. We *can* be a bit overbearing, after all. But the contact with the extended family was wonderful. Makes
me miss the camping trips that we all used to go on together.
   For now, that's all. Keep checking back. Believe it or not, I *do* update. Now, it's back to more Law & Order reruns.
Gotta love 'em.