Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006
    To give a fair explanation of the image above, Bain has been home for two weeks, and had a little time to catch up on his
video games. See, I'm the kind of person who is really picky about the games I play, and I'm not very good, regardless. So, when
Bain plays a particularly interesting game, I sit and watch (and sometimes heckle). See, he's a lot better at these games than I am.
When games were only side-scrollers, I ruled at them. *Sigh*. Anyway, Bain and I have a shared obsession with the Legacy of
Kain games, so I like to watch him play so I can pick up on the story. In Bain's defense, he's *really* good at these games. But
nonetheless, I have a good laugh during the few times that he makes a spectacular error. This image was drawn for him, and it
made him laugh. He's needed a bit of cheer these days.
     After a few visits to the hospital, I am doing significantly better. I have time to chill out and breathe now that school is out,
and I've been able to catch up with my writing (or in the case of my most recent manuscript, re-writing) and art, and I can get
back to my regular schedule of being awake from 4:00 PM to 9:00 AM. I am a night owl by nature, and despite the amount of
sleep I do or do not get, I am always the most active and creative at night. The medications that I'm now on (five different ones,
oh joy) are working incredibly well, but since I've been taking them, I've noticed a few odd changes.
   First of all, for the last two years, I haven't been dreaming at all while I sleep. Now that I'm on happy drugs, I have dreams
again, and they are especially strange and vivid. This, I don't mind so much.
   Second, my cravings are no longer quite so overbearing, but I have been craving only two things: Pop Tarts and Fuji apples. I
can't get enough of them. I go through 4-5 apples a day and I never get sick of them. This is a new thing for me. When Bain
feels like cooking, I'll devour white rice, too. I haven't had a violent craving for Chipotle or Renzios in a while. Though,
yesterday, Bain brought home a Boston cream cake, and I'm sure I won't have any qualms about devouring that between bags of
   Third, parts of my OCD are better, and parts are worse. My anxiety is still rampant, however, and I refuse to go outside the
house unless someone comes with me. The habitual scratching of my inner ear continues, unfortunately. One of these days, I'm
going to do some serious damage to it. You win some, you lose some, right?
   And, of course, there's the really big issue: papilledema. I have to get a CT scan next week, so the doctors can see whether or
not my shortened optic nerves are caused by a brain tumor. Joy. That's one step closer to following in my mom's footsteps. At
least there's a reason behind my migraines.
    Yes, I'm aware that I'm not the pinnacle of human health.
     Summer is cheering me up, though. Summer is for drinking too much Woodchuck cider and passing out on the couch (or in
the back yard). Or for wasting my free time by playing addictive RealArcade games. Oh, yeah... and camping. And drinking too
much Woodchuck up there, as well. My sister and her family, as well as my in-laws, will be in town within a month, which I'm
looking forward to. As I've said before, I'm not the kind of person to complain about reunions are large family get-togethers.
     For really good news, I'll be in Yellowstone at the end of July. Partly to meet my friend, TNHawke, there, as well as collect
mud and water samples for my independent resaerch. I need a ranger or a guide to get me into some of the back trails. I'm still
waiting for the park managers to respond and give me the okay. If it turns out that I can't access some of these areas, I'll still be
getting samples from features along the public trails. I'm looking forward to it. As my friend Mike put it: "You're the only person I
know who gets really excited about looking at pond scum and mud under a microscope."
    Anyway, more Freak-Lynx art to come, and more comics will be posted soon.
               .... and now I must get back to my important task of raiding the Woodchuck again.