03-29-06 through 04-06-06
  People have rightfully been wondering where I had
disappeared to, and my answer is simply this: The Auraria
Campus. As the semester comes over its last hill of work
before the summer, I've been incredibly busy, what with
trying to get all of my papers written, lab charts drawn,
and books read on time. Not to say that I haven't been
enjoying school. On the contrary, it's the most productive
thing that I do, and it gives my restlessness a bit of focus.
   On the side, I've been working at Fairmount Cemetery.
A few weeks ago, I helped with some of the Gate Lodge
restoration alongside the other volunteers, and this
Saturday, I'll take my first steps toward training to
become a tour guide. A few weeks from now, I'll be at a
workshop learning how to restore and clean old
   And, time at home has been occupied with both
homework and making the house inhabitable for the sake
of my roommate.
   So, yeah... busy.
  A recent irritation has struck the Denver area- anyone who lives in the Denver area will obviously know about it by now, but
I'll illuminate the situation for those who don't live here. The Regional Transport Division (RTD) union has gone on strike,
shutting down the public transportation system in the metro area. For people that enjoy sitting in traffic all day, every day and for
those that don't mind paying over $10.00 every day for parking downtown, this probably doesn't seem like a big deal. For me, as
well as a shit-load of Auraria students and Denver workers, we've been upheaved. I'm not sayin' that I don't think there's a good
reason for the strike; I understand *why* RTD employees are on strike. Still, this is a major pain in the ass. When I think of a
strike, I think of having to walk past a picket line in front of King Soopers, or no baseball or hockey for the season. So, I've had
to drive to school. Hey, *most* students drive, I know. But most students also don't *HATE* driving with a passion. Ever driven
in downtown Denver? It's like a massive, mobile stroke. I've lived here almost all my life and I *still* get lost trying to drive
downtown. I also hate throwing away my money on parking fees. I'm not stingy, per se, but I don't like spending my money on
idle things that really bring me no specific use. Parking fees fall into the "no specific use" category. Since starting college, I've
taken the rail to and from school every day (the RTD pass is automatically a part of my tuition fees), and it's saved me a lot of
time and a lot of money, and has saved me from the terror of sharing the road with other Denver drivers.
   The RTD rant aside, School has been going decently. Maintaing my 4.0 is not *easy* work, but I've found that it's fulfilling
work. I like being able to tell my folks that I'm not a complete failure at something. I would also like to point out that, since
becoming a student of science, my father has been talking to me a lot more than he normally would. He's quiet and reserved by
nature, and his disposition has made many of my friends uneasy when meeting him. Whether he just enjoys my company more
now that I'm older and out of my frenzied teenage phase, or because I take a lot of stock in what he tells me about his own
work, I suppose I'll never know. Still, it's a reward in itself.
   But back onto the school subject, I think the other students in my lit class have all agreed that I'm somewhat of a teacher's
pet. Seriously, though, I don't do anything that I do for the sake of praise alone. Sure, if the teacher likes what I've done, that
makes me feel all the better, but it's not the driving force behind my efforts. I respect my lit teacher and enjoy his teaching style.
Is that such a terrible thing? Last semester, he expressed a high regard for my writing and my responsibility. I see no reason why
I should prove him wrong. Call me a teacher's pet if you will, assholes, but at least I can actually lighten up enough to *enjoy*
the classes that I take! Anyway, in this lit class, we were assigned
Pride and Prejudice, which was actually a very entertaining
read. On my break between classes, I sketched the cartoon above, and gave a photocopy of it to the professor. He got a kick out
of it. At least someone did.
   Last weekend, I had a bit of an uplift in my spirits when my cousin had to come to Denver for a graduate school exam. Since
infancy, we've been buddies, though in our adulthood, we've seen less and less of each other. Saturday happened to be his
birthday, and my parents and I took him out for sushi, which he had never tried before. Although his disposition makes it
difficult to determine whether or not he actually enjoyed himself there, he was a good sport and tried everything at least once. His
presence and just the general mingling of the family reminded me of why I've seriously been missing our holiday get-togethers,
camping trips, and just simple visits across the state. The Meredith clan, it seems, is all grown up and busy with life, and being
around so much family at once has become, unfortunately, a very very rare thing indeed. You know how some people dread
going to family reunions? That was never us.
   My recent manuscript,
Phinneal, is completed, but I don't feel any sense of triumph yet. It still needs some editing and
critiques. I've thought about asking my lit teacher for his input, since he used to *be* a book critic for the Denver Post. I am,
however, a chicken shit.
   You'll notice that I have finally completed a comic after about a 5 month hiatus. I apologize for the delay, but I've been busy,
seriously, and for a while I had absolutely no desire to draw anything. As a means of making amends, I've done a bit of
comic-related artwork that will appear on my site as I finish them. The first one is currently on the main page. More art to come,
and more comics.
   Also, if you're one of my subscribers or readers, thank you for your continued support. Some of you have even e-mailed me
or contacted me via messenger, and I always like hearing from my readers. It gives me a reason to keep the comic going. I also
noticed that my comic is listed in a few directories that I didn't submit to myself (one is in French). Whoever submitted
Freak-Lynx to these directories, thanks for helping to get it out there. I appreciate the efforts. Some other sites have linked to
mine, as well, and I thank the owners of those sites. You people rule. Thanks for sticking around.

                                 -Tallon Roe