Thursday, January 12, 2006
  Oh, the weather outside is frightful, and inside it's... not all that great, either, since the heating
bills are so expensive.
  This is the first time in over a week that I haven't been shivering. It's literally been freezing
outside everyday- the kind of freezing air that's actually painful to inhale. When I sit in my
basement den, I'm wearing a coat *and* blankets. When I go to bed, my dogs insist on sleeping
under the covers with me. Yeah... that cold. Or maybe it's just me.
   Winter joy has been added onto by a chest cold that I received a few days before Christmas, and by now I've lost my voice, I
feel like there's a bunch of nails or broken lass stuck in the back of my throat, and I'm consistently looped-out on cold medicine. I
just hope this crap stops by the time I go back to school next Tuesday. I have a busy schedule ahead of me, but I did schedule
my classes a few hours apart so I have time to loaf about and perhaps get some comics done. I think maybe I was going
somewhere with that... 'nuther problem with the oversaturation of Nyquil is losing my train of thought.
    Since I haven't written in since before Christmas, I'd like to mention that the holiday was wonderful. The holiday spirit was
aided when I received my final grades for the semester. I have  a 4.00 GPA, and damn that's nice. For a change I'm actually
doing something right, and I've been working my ass off for those grades. That hasn't gone completely unrewarded, however--
my folks are pleased and they got me a laptop, partly for Christmas but mostly because of school. It'll be an enormous help, and
makes for good entertainment since it can play DVDs and all my favorite computer games. *Ahems* And
of course I'll use it for
my schoolwork.
    You've probably noticed a serious lack of artwork within the last month, and I have a good excuse. For the sake of those that
don't know me personally, I should explain something: I am a very territorial person and I enjoy my solitude. I don't do my best
work when other folks linger about, and the only person that I don't mind the consistent presence of is, of course, my spouse.
I've had a smattering of experience with nosy roommates that have taken it upon themselves to snoop in on my work and do their
best to insult it or "psychoanalyze" the crap out of even the most mundane homework project (like meager chapter outlines fo
cripes' sakes!).. Thus, I can't comfortably work around anyone anymore, and when I can't be productive, I get a bit irritated. So,
I had a roommate for a while that was seriously throwing off my groove, filling my house and garage with all of his stuff,
constantly on meth, constantly ranting, over-analyzing my homework, and telling me that my good grades in school were a result
of not my hard work or intelligence, but because my teachers were probably lazy. I couldn't watch movies or have friends over
for role-playing without his consistent snide commentary. Sure, he fixed some things in the house, but in the meantime, nothing
among my project pile was worked on, and I had wanted to get some major work done over my winter break. Some folks might
consider roommate disruptions to be a lousy excuse, but it's my excuse anyway, and I'm stickin' to it.
    A good bit of luck, though-- I was brought to the casino last night and with twenty bucks I brought home about $150.00 in
quarters. There's something about buckets of shiny coins that makes me happy.
    At this point, since my schedule is looking pretty full and I haven't been back to school yet to figure out how much time or
energy I'll actually have, I can't give a reasonable prediction of what I'll have posted and when. As for things I *have* updated,
check out the library. I have a few of my essays from last semester's class in there. I still have a few trades I need to finish, and
those will be posted whenever I have them done, of course. And naturally, I have comics that need to be inked and colored. *Joy*
     Of course I encourage you to keep checking back for updates.