On occasion, I think the clockwork of life throws surprising things at you just to
make sure you're paying attention. And while sometimes it feels like nothing good
can come out of what has happened, let it be known that it is at those pivotal points
in one's life where the most noble of friends are revealed. And to those most noble
friends, thanks for lending an ear and listening when I needed someone to talk to.
    And now for page updates-
    I added the logo to Maroon Peak Artistry to my page as a homage to my buddy
Yu Stennes and his awesome arts. When he gets his Maroon Peak site up, be sure to
visit and take a look at the pottery. Absolutely amazing stuff in his collection.
  As far as my own little mundane life is concerned, school is going swell for now. Nothing too exciting but nothing too horrible. I
will mention that my English professor cares very little for the public school system, consumerism, and commerical authors such as
Stephen King and Tom Clancy and such, and he doesn't hesitate to tell his students all about it. The only problem I've encountered so
far, though, is the three to four-hour gap between my classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. Boredom doesn't do very well for me,
so I usually, desperately, seek something to keep occupied with. I'm either on the verge of falling asleep in the student lounge in the
Tivoli or digging up bizarre stuff in the library. My artistic muse is still gone, which doesn't surprise me. If anyone sees him, let me
know. He's fled and hasn't even called me. Anyways, the gap wouldn't have been so bad, because my philosophy class was
scheduled in there. That particular time slot for that class, however, was cancelled this semester.
    The good news is that since I've needed some kind of outlet recently, I have been writing again. I need to hit a nice stride again,
and I'm slowly getting there. I think, fiction-wise, I make a decent writer once I figure out what the hell I'm doing. People familiar
with the older site would know that I *used* to post excerpts from my novels in the Library section. I have since stopped doing that
to protect my stories from theft, though I have recently joined a message board dealing with fiction writing that I will hopefully have
the courage to post to soon enough.
    Speaking of message boards, some readers of this may know that I'm a moderator currently at the Gryphon Guild message
board's debate forum, the Discussion Junction (the link to it is in my Links section). I had a rather unpleasant little encounter this
past week with a Guilder who was convinced that, by making a casual suggestion regarding posting habits to them, that I was
publicly humiliating them for no other reason than the fact that I could. As a result, I was referred to by a plethora of very colorful
and insulting names. Here is the post regarding me:

Okay, this is a very simple thing. If someone makes a very minor violation of etiquette, you don't act like the person who did it just
signed over your soul to Satan! I can't imagine anything more pointless or stupid! The kind of people who do this sort of thing feel
that they're excused from showing any amount of common courtesy whenever someone makes the slightest deviation from 100%
proper etiquette.

Yeah, I'm a bit annoyed at the guy who put down an unneccessary new post, but I would have been able to forget about it and move
on with my day if it hadn't been for some retarded twink deciding that the fate of the universe depended on publicly humiliating this
guy over it, taking a major chunk out of the thread to devote to telling him he's the worst thing on two legs.

The thing is, World Class Idiot doesn't seem to realize that he's being an obnoxious brat and totally ruining someone's day for
absolutely no good reason!

Look at it this way, when someone sitting next to you in class happens to fart, you don't point out to the entire room, some of whom
probably didn't even notice, that someone just broke wind and that it's rude. Between the fart and the guy raising a scene over the
fart, I could have let the fart go if I hadn't had to listen to World Idiot #1 for the following fifteen minutes!

The moral is that the way you RESPOND to breaches in etiquette is 95% percent of etiquette AND common courtesy, put together,
all by itself. Being utterly obnoxious about it just makes you look like a complete donkey, at least to me.

So what did my utterly offensive and humiliating post actually say to warrant this kind of reaction? Well, it was this:

Let's keep this civil and on topic, please. *gives nodnod of appreciation to Dino*

Also, please consider posting your opinions on one post instead of two right in a row.


Woo! That's it, folks. That's the entire offending post, unedited, uncut, and the first part of my post was put down to everyone on
the debate because of the amount of insults that were being thrown around. That's right, by trying to keep the debate civil and the
posting clean-cut (like I'm SUPPOSED TO DO), I am being an obnoxious brat, a World Class Idiot, and a retarded twink. I'm
ashamed of myself for such a humiliating post. Had I known the overreaction it would have been that bad, I would have been much
more of a bastard.
   I have thus refused to answer the rant post while on the Guild where I can get in trouble for snarkiness, but this is my official
response this person and their attitude:

It's my job. So bite me.


Listen, folks- I don't know who "Vapor" is as a person, and I don't care. Anyone that reacts that badly to a post like mine is
someone I'd rather not have to deal with anymore. The real bugger about this is the fact that around December-ish (before I was a
mod), a mod had to step in and slap *my* wrist on the debate forum in front of the other posters. Was I irked? You bet. But did I
feel the need to totally bash the shit out of the person that corrected me? Not a bit. I wasn't mad at the mod who corrected me. On
the contrary, that particular mod has been fairly nice to me on every other occasion. I was irked mostly about the fact that I allowed
myself to get a little mouthy about the subject.
   And at the same time, this same person wrote another rant topic aimed at an online friend of mine, referring to her as a "moron"
and the like because of her opinions on the same subject. So I wasn't the only one who had to deal with the attitude problem.
   My point to all this? If you can't play nice with the other kids and follow the rules on conduct, don't join a f@&#ing debate forum.

   Next order of business- I promised pictures of some of my craft art. So here it is.
  To the left is a necklace that I made a few months ago. I love how it turned
out. *Brow furrows* But I have no idea what I ended up doing with it. It is lost
in the quagmire of my workshop, I'm afraid, because I know I haven't taken it
to a craft show to be sold.
   Anyway, it features a carved and etched arrow-head made of bone, as well
as four pointy teeth that I did some very simple carving on- I honestly don't
know what kind of critter they came from. Each tooth is about an inch long, so
don't let the photo fool you. This is a large and rather heavy piece.
   Also contains turquoise-dyed Mudbeads, some small bits of howlite, four
marble-sized flourites, and some small copper beads and opalescent glass
beads. I do like how this all looks put together, and the colors really work out
together. This design is inspired by a culture, the Eran, which is a part of a
series of stories of mine.
  As this is my first necklace in this style, I've decided not to sell it, but instead
wear it and test its durability. Prior to losing it, it held up extremely well and I
had no problems with it. It encouraged me to make another one like it, but
instead of an arrow-head it features a bone-carving of a feather, and the beads
are more earth-tone. That one, however, is with this one and is, thus, lost
somewhere in my workshop. I didn't get a picture of of it prior to losing it.
Meh... I'll find 'em. I'm just lazy.
  Below is another piece inspired by the Eran culture. As it is the first spear-like object I have ever made, it now adorns my
own wall and I have no intention of selling it (mostly because my beginner's mistakes are kinda visible).. It is
characteristically short, only about three feet long, just like the weapon used among the Eran people. The colorful feathers
are parrot feathers, and the tail is that of a ringtail. The spearhead is made of hand-carved bone. The beads are mostly
mudbeads and wood, though there are some coconut beads on there and marble-sized flourites as well. The whole thing is
wrapped in black and green leather strands.
Below is a dreamcatcher typical of my style. As I was taking pictures of everything else, I thought- meh, might as well get a
photo of this one, too, even though it's not quite finished, as indicted by a missing few feathers on the right hand side. The large
white feathers are turkey feathers, the yellow ones are dyed goose feathers. Most of the beads are made of wood or bone, and
that's a fox tail on the bottom. Again, don't let the photo fool you. This is big- about 24 inches in diameter. Anyway, it has since
been completed and now belongs to Tom and Judy Hess in Littleton.
  And those are all the photos I have for now. More to come, though.

   Now that it is 5:51 AM, I think it's time for me to crash. I still have to clean the house sometime today when I wake up. Joy
of joys...
My AIM is working properly again, so feel free to message me if you're ever
so bored that you actually feel like chatting with me...
Sunday, September 4th, 2005