WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22nd, 2005
        I miss the ready availability of human contact. That sounds silly, considering that I am married and am technically never
truly alone for any great amount of time. I think what it is that I long for is the kind of social network I had four or five years
ago. I miss being around friends so often, though still having enough time just to myself. If we weren’t chatting it up at a
Perkins or Denny’s or whatever, then we were chilling out in the back yard, talking walks at 2:00 AM, staying up all night
watching silly movies, going bowling or playing pool. It surprises me now that I managed to have any social life whatsoever, but
I did… and it was great. Truly. That period of time, of course, was abruptly ended after most of us went our separate ways or
ended our friendships with backstabbing and fighting. I wouldn’t want to relive the whole getting stabbed in the back part of
that period, but god damn… just to be out and around people again. It’s one of the things I miss, painfully.
         One of the reasons why I bring this up is because last night I was given a great taste of what it was like again. Mike and I
moseyed to Denny’s where we did a bit of talking, as well as consuming more caffeine than any normal human should. By
the time we got back to my house, we were still buzzing on the caffeine, and proceeded to blab non-stop until about six in the
morning about everything. It was great. I got to vent, I got to connect again, and most importantly, I was able to feel like I’m
not so completely alone in my beliefs and my attitude. And you know… it was just nice being able to talk that long without
becoming bored or distracted or interrupted. Nothing compares to the connection I have with my spouse, but it was certainly fun
and even a bit gratifying to know that I actually, you know, have a friend that doesn’t easily become tired of my
conversation. That alone is something I appreciate.
        And speaking of Mike Bedi, you might have noticed that he now has his own area on Freak-Lynx- a gallery full of his
portfolio art. If you have no yet looked through it, I demand you do so. Ignoring his artwork is a crime. Also, he is looking for
feedback. You can send him comments at
        In my message regarding reconstruction, I mentioned that I had a few surprises up my sleeves. One is that I’ve invited
a few artists to join the Freak-Lynx site, and Mike is the first to have his work displayed here. Assuming the other artists accept
my invitation, the art aspect of Freak-Lynx should be much more diverse, and will hopefully bring in more traffic. Very soon,
you’ll see an editorial belonging to Yu Stennes as well. I’m happy to be collaborating with people again. Any editorials you
see titled in purple will belong to Mr. Stennes. If the Raven is still interested in contributing editorials, I’ll have his titled in
dark blue.

       July is coming, and I’m excited. I will be a bit busier than normal, most due to the fact that my in-laws will be in town
as well as my sister and her family from Kentucky. It will be nice to see family and spend time with them, and I’ve also been
promised camping trips in the mountains this next month, so I’m looking forward to those, too. And after a few years on
hiatus, I’ll be going back to school in the fall. Hooray for ambition.
Hopefully I’ll get my ass in gear and have new comics completed soon. I know I keep saying this, but I’ve been feeling
pleasantly energetic lately, so I might actually do some work on them. And hopefully I’ll have more artwork to display here
*and* new things on CafePress.

        And if I still owe you art trades, for heaven sakes, remind me. I tend to lose track of that information.

-Tallon Roe
"Today I dreamed
Of friends I had before,
Amd I wonder why
The ones who care don't call anymore.
My feelings hurt.
But you know I overcome the pain.
And I'm stronger now.
There can't be fire unless there's a flame."

-Seal, "Don't Cry"