I thought I would use this editorial space to address some issues as well as explain
the new things on this site and what you can expect within the next few weeks.

  I suppose some folks might be wondering where all the old editorials went. I had
over 42 of them, and looking through them, I decided that I was venting my angst
onto a largely emotionless web, and it didn't seem to make me feel any better. Instead,
it just made me stew on my issues and I found it hard to move forward. At the
suggestion of some of my friends, I decided to bull-doze my way through the angst
and start focusing on what this site is supposed to be for- my accomplishments, small
as they might be. Some highlights from old editorials will be compiled into a new page,
but aside from that, the rest is going, save for the editorials that were written by the
Raven. I'll have those placed back here in their original form soon enough.

  I'd also like to offer an apology to those people who had to listen to me bitch about
how little everyone cared for the work that I've done. The folks that became offended
by my statements have every right to be upset. I've spent the last few years living in
the shadow of only a few individuals and trying to get them to care about what I do,
and in doing this, I seem to have forgotten the people that truly matter in my life. So I
would like to apologize and thank these people:

   I've never been stellar at connecting with people, and many times I've felt slightly
embittered at the fact that so many friends and family members are moving up in the
world when I'm still rock-bottom, and also that I have very little to bond with people
about. It has been exceptionally hard to find others with interests and a sense of humor similar to mine, and even harder to find
people who share these things and understand the... issues that I sometimes have. So for those friends and family that have stuck
around to support me and the work that I do- I love you people and I'm sorry that some of my statements have offended you. I
tend to get angry and stew about the few people who have left me behind or have doine serious damage to my confidence, and in
doing so I get angry at everybody. The two people that I owe the biggest apology to, however, are Sean and Meredith. I love you
guys and appreciate the support you've given me despite the things I've said. And big hugs to both my mom Judy and my
mom-in-law Denise, for letting me vent as well as giving me support and advice whenever I've needed it. I also owe cookies and
hugs to the following people: Dustin (RavenCSM) and Mike B. for remaining my friends since those horrid days in junior high;
Tobias and Paxton Ronhardt for providing much-needed conversation when human contact outside my own house is slim; and Yu
Stennes for giving me something to believe in; and last but not least, those quiet fans of Freak-Lynx and my artwork- I know you
people are out there. *Someone* is subscribing to my comic through the directories and adding my link to their sites. I don't know
who these subscribers are or the owners of the web sites I've encountered that have my site linked to theirs, but know that I
seriously appreciate the support.

    That said, allow me to explain the changes on the website that you'll be seeing over the next few weeks.

First, you'll have already noticed the new layout and color scheme. I would appreciate feedback on this. I personally think it looks
good, but I find that my tastes are sometimes a bit... off. If the color doesn't work, tell me and give me suggestions. At this point,
I'm all ears.

Second, the art gallery will be in much the same format, but there will be a few minor changes.

Third, since my interest in certain projects waxes and wanes over time again and again, I've decided to remove my pages regarding
The Lost Tales of Orion and Deus Ex Machina, as my interest in those projects has become dormant for now. When my interest
perks again, I can give them the spotlight they deserve.

Fourth, the library will no longer include novels or excerpts of novels due to several factors- I am not particularly proud of my older
work, or in some cases, I just don't want to risk having my work stolen. Also, the encyclopedia entries that I have will be added to
the library.

Fifth, most areas of my site have been re-built so you might want to explore a bit.

Sixth, the photo archive remains, and I'll be adding more photos to it soon.

Seventh, the comic... you've probably noticed a serious lack of updates on comics. Blast my hatred of inking! I hope to have a few
new ones up by mid-June. Someday, I swear I'll actually get comics done on a frequent and regular basis.

Eighth, I plan on displaying photographs of my non-drawn artwork- the creations that I sell at craft shows and farmers markets, as
well as information on custom orders of certain items.

Ninth, well... I have some surprises up my sleeves for this site, so you'll have to wait and see.

I think I covered all the updates and such.

Thanks for your time.

- "Tallon" Roe