Name: Tallon Andrew Roe
Age: 25
Species: Siberian Lynx
Occupation: Pharmacological Chemist
Likes: Books, science, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, 80's music, astronomy, Greek food, basketball, lemon
suckers, role-playing games, watching skateboard kids eat pavement, Belgian lambic, buffalo wings.
Dislikes: Hangovers, pretentious independent films, rap music, yuppies, driving, arrogant holier-than-thou
types, golfing..
The Characters of Freak-Lynx
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Technically the eldest of five children, Tallon always lived in the shadow of his genious twin brother Frank. But while Frank was
pretty good at everything, Tallon was superb at mathematics, chemistry, and physics. He graduated at age 17, a year before his peers,
and settled for a simple state college instead of a high-class university. He received his Bachelor's degree in chemistry and went
straight for a Master's degree in pharmacology at Lenox University. He has since been working for Roach Pharmaceuticals, and his
exceptional skills have not gone unnoticed.
Aside from the strain of competing with his brother throughout his childhood, Tallon had to deal with the additional problem of his
mother leaving the family for what seemed like no apparent reason. Since she has returned, Tallon has been resaonably bitter at her,
and would rather that she stayed away from the family to avoid any more problems.
Tallon currently lives in a house in Lenox with his friend, Bain, from Lenox University. He lives in the basement and likes to keep to
himself, having little social life, though he recently started playing basketball again. He is intelligent, but blunt and sometimes abrasive
toward others.
Name: Sasha Bain
Age: 25
Species: Red Fox
Occupation: Pharmacist
Likes: Video games, basketball, coffee, heavy metal music, history, reading, war movies, having a
girlfriend, peppermint-flavored anything, pumpkin pancakes, playing with a yellow wiffle bat, rum and
Coke, watching the judge shows on morning TV..
Dislikes: Reality TV, people who think they're philosophers but aren't, people who blame him when
insurance won't cover their meds, people who have no backbone, freeloaders, Muzak.
Preferring to be called by his
surname, Bain's parents moved to
Lenox and opened a drugstore
chain (Bain's), and Bain now
works as a pharmacist in his
parents' original store. He has a
slightly younger brother that lives
across the country. He would
describe his childhood as
Mild-mannered and easy to get
along with, Bain prides himself on
being a friendly and sociable type.
He works over 60 hours a week at
the pharmacy, where he
encounters more than a few
customers that he'd rather simply
have his CPTs deal with. He is
responsible, intelligent, and a
supportive type, looking in on his
friends and family as often as he
can. He spends the majority of his
free time in the company of his
girlfriend, Toby.
Name: Toby A. Jaye
Age: 25
Species: Tabby Cat
Occupation: Artist and freelance computer technician
Likes: Doughnuts, jazz, gardening, boxing, science-fiction, art that doesn't take itself too seriously,
motorcycles, napping, sushi, jeeping, scented candles, plushies, playing poker.
Dislikes: People who are far too stingy, extremists, chatspeak, city traffic, being left-out, working in
any kind of large boring corporate environment, awful and offensive things that are considered "art".
Early childhood couldn't have been better for Toby,
who used to write plays for her elementary school
classes and who used to stay inside during recess to
build models and puzzles. She was incredibly artistic
and imaginative, and made friends easily. Things
changed at the start of middle school, where she was
quickly ostracized by her peers for refusing to grow up
too quickly. Her optimism slipped, her grades slipped,
and when she needed her folks the most, they were too
busy dealing with her two older addict sisters. She
spent a good part of her adolescence feeling neglected
and underappreciated.
She met Tallon in group therapy at school, and the two
have been good friends since. Things became slightly
awkward, however, when Toby became quite attached
to Tallon's roommate, Bain. Bain has since helped Toby
get away from her depression, though Toby still recalls
her teenage years with bitterness, and has yet to truly
forgive her family for completely overlooking when she
needed their help the most.
Some people see fit to ask- "why is Toby green?" And
Toby would reply- "because I've always wanted to be
green... just like Kermit."
Name: Mara Rhent
Age: 26
Species: Grey Fox
Occupation: Microbiologist
Likes: Street hockey, any sport containing full-contact violence, double-fudge ice cream, happy hour,
trashy romance novels, video games, red ale, the Internet, mountain biking, 60's and 70's rock.
Dislikes: Political debates, people who don't work to earn their money, religious fanatics, being kicked
out of her home, mindless and unimaginative idiots, just about everything on television.
Mara's story is unfortunate but not uncommon. A few
years ago, she found a boyfriend and moved in with him,
despite knowing that he wasn't faithful. He will
frequently cheat and then kick Mara out of the
apartment, but usually talks her into going back after a
few weeks. Mara avoids him by working late, and has
also discovered some amount of refuge at Toby's
apartment. While trying to get away from her
tempestuous relationship, Mara has become quite
attached to Tallon, and the two can't quite decide
whether they're dating or not.
Mara is a friendly type of person, and when not in the
company of her "boyfriend", she gives every indication
that she is a strong and confident person. She is
incredibly observant and is easily amused with video
games. She is outspoken but not particularly rude.
Name: Gabriel Aaron Roe
Age: 16
Species: Siberian Lynx
Occupation: High-School Dropout, Soon-to-be art school student
Likes: Drawing and painting, taking long walks, obnoxious techno music, making fun of his nerdy older
brothers, movies that don't suck, spray-cheese, writing, sculpture, making fun of pop culture.
Dislikes: "All of that mopey emo bullshit", schoolwork, sports, helping at his dad's store, not having his
own car, when people borrow his pens and don't give them back, the organic-food craze, little kids, being
The youngest of his family, Gabe is often considered the
only one with a decent chance of leading a fairly
successful life. He was only a year old when his mother
left the family, so he never got to know her, and thus
grew up rather unfazed by her absence. For the most
part, Gabe has received somewhat decent grades
thoughout school, and has mostly been well-behaved,
though his snarky attitude has occasionally gotten him
into trouble with his teachers.
His family often overlooks the fact that he is actually
quite bright. As far as book-smarts go, Gabe is fairly
average, but he is exceptionally clever and has a talent
for conning other people into doing his work for him.
While his dad tries to get his life sorted out, Gabe has
been living with Tallon and Bain. He recently dropped out
of high school in hopes of getting his GED and starting
art school early, though he has yet to actually follow
through on his plans. He makes a little extra money by
helping at his dad's store, though he would rather not
work for his irritable father.
As far as family relations go, Gabe is closest to Tallon
and looks up to him (although he would never openly
admit it), and he also likes Frank's company when Frank
is somewhat lucid. Gabe refuses to speak to his
19-year-old brother, Skye, due to a spat they had several
years ago. He doesn't see his other brother, Birch,
enough to really care. So far he has been unwilling to
accept that he ever had a mother, and has no desire to
get to know his mom since she has returned.
Name: Franklin Andrew Roe
Age: 25
Species: Siberian Lynx
Occupation: Unemployed, Mentally disabled
Likes: Waffles, chess, slinkies, swimming, car rides, pie, puzzles, crayons, building models, comics,
playing music, and looking at the stars.
Dislikes: Being mocked by his teddy bear, excess noise, anything sour, group therapy sessions, family
members that have avoided him.
Frank was once a genious. He could learn to do
anything in a short period of time, play any instrument,
quickly calculate the most complex mathematics in his
head, and could flawlessly memorize everything that he
read. His family and teachers had high expectations of
him and believed that he would become famous or
wealthy through his talents. Everything came to a
crashing halt when Frank was 20 years old. He became
delusional, extremely temperamental, unable to focus,
started to forget things almost as quickly as he heard
them, and would often regress into childish behavior.
Since then, most of his family has given up on him as a
"golden goose".
Frank is sometimes lucid enough to understand what he
has lost, and has become increasingly bitter from it. He
is still intelligent, but his thoughts are incredibly
disorganized. After being taken from the hospital, Frank
has been living with his father, but has been kept
heavily medicated. Since his mental collapse, Frank has
become increasingly antisocial and angry. Most of the
time, he prefers to be alone. Barring that, he'll only talk
to family members that he feels particularly close to,
mostly Tallon, Gabe, and Birch.