09-24-03, #7, "Helpful or Not, They Have Too Many Legs!"
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My god, I hate spiders. And I actually get razzed about squishing them, too. "But they're not doing anything
to you!" Well, yes they are. They're scaring the bloody bejesus out of me. Truth me told, I'm not a bug
person, and only tolerate the existence of a few. You know, pill bugs, ladybugs, butterflies and moths. Yep.
That's about it. Because they don't scare the scrap out of me.

I've lived in a basement now for about five years, and so I am frequently visited by these creepy things at all
hours of the day. In my current home, I've been courageously slaying several a day while I work at my art
desk and computer, and I'm beginning to dread what I'll be facing in the summer. As the title says, "Helpful
or not, they just have too many legs." Gods I wish they would just stay in the f**king crawl space. At least
then I wouldn't have to see them.