09-22-03, #5, "The Ever-Vigilent Private Sector"
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Ah, stargazing. The relaxing art of contemplating the celestial bodies while resorting to violence
with people who can't get the telescope to work properly. I both love and hate taking newbies out
stragazing. Quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever experienced, while simultaneously proving to
be perhaps the most frustrating. Sure, I laugh when I think about it now, but for god's sake- if it's
moving and flashing somewhat, it's an airplane! It's not a "weird star" and it's not on the chart. And
then there was the bitching about my telescope... it was apparently "broken", because "when I
looked at some city lights, everything was upside-down!"

Anyway, I just found it funny that, really, a bunch of inexperienced folks are considered a line of
defense and an early warning system for our planet (there are only a handful of highly-educated
astronomers with access to serious equipment looking for earthbound objects).

I like Bain's expression, but I don't like the way I drew Tallon. This is an early comic, folks... I
wasn't exactly so very good at drawing these guys yet.