09-19-03, #2: "Why You Shouldn't Bring an Atheist to Church"
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Okay, sorry- poor taste. However, I'd like to note that a friend once did lure me to a church service by bribing
me with food from the potluck that would come afterward. And as many friends and family know, I'm not a
class-act kind of person at 6:00 AM. I gripe and I swear a lot. My friend told me, after the service, that I was
probably going to go straight to hell for the things I had said in church that day.

In truth, I'm agnostic, not atheist. Tallon strikes me as an atheist kind of guy though, given his extensive
scientific background and the fact that god has not been kind to him during his life. But that's just my thought on
the matter.

The lesson that needs to be considered here- don't lure an atheist to church, even with the promise of food. It
will not go well for you.