Portrait of the Azaith
 In the world of Seryn, the fox-faced Azaith is the subject of many prayers and hymns, including requests for
safe travel and a rather interesting song called "Stop Eating my Chickens".

  Brother of Zacal, god of the moon(see his portrait in the gallery), the Azaith is the comet- the god of travel and
communication, and is the messenger of the heavens. Along with the gods of the sky, sorcery, spirit, and
twilight, he is a major part of the Diamond Court.

  Probably one of the more good-aligned gods, the Azaith has a curiosity for humans and their interesting ways.
Though most humans appreciate him, some farmers and vinters consider him a pest at best, a plague at worst.
He has an appetite that cannot be quelled, and those few farmers and vinters that forget to leave him offerings of
food at their doorsteps may well wake up one morning to find that their crops, livestock, and wine reserves have
been completely consumed. Among his most devout worshipers are the Gypsy-like people known as the Eran,
who found his writings and teachings useful in their nomadic ways. Many people blame the Azaith for teaching
the Eran how to be such successful thieves.